Why Ascent

By Robert Killian

Continually pushing his limits and seeking the next challenge, Ascent Athlete Robert Killian shares what it takes to become a World Champion and his secrets to success when developing a nutrition plan.

I don’t just accept sponsorship from any company out there; rather I test and try each product first. Ascent Protein is the new benchmark in protein purity. There are absolutely no artificial ingredients. Eating pure, natural food is extremely important when developing a nutrition plan as a World Champion. Ascent helps me to recover and rapidly rebuild muscle so there is minimal down time between hard workout days. The purity of the powder makes it dissolve in milk or water unlike any other protein powder.

I normally take 1-2 scoops after every major workout, regardless if it’s a run, bike ride, or gym workout. Getting 40 to50 grams of pure whey protein into my body within 30 minutes after a workout is paramount to recovery. It’s extremely convenient to have access to Ascent whey protein in powder form when it’s difficult to make a full meal or get the needed protein within a timely manner following a workout. I mean, who could eat eight boiled eggs in one sitting, which is the approximate equivalent of consuming two scoops of Ascent Protein powder with water.

As a sports fan from the outside looking in, you wouldn’t really think much about the importance of sponsorships. I wouldn’t be able to train and race as hard as I do without my amazing sponsors. The relationship I have with Ascent is more than just performance nutrition; the Ascent team has been like a family and truly invested in me. I have never heard of a team more committed and supportive to their athletes. That reassurance of support relieves a lot of stress I would normally encounter, which affords me more time to focus on training and winning races.