Alyssa Hawley

Alyssa Hawley

Alyssa Hawley loves hard work. She is a professional obstacle course racer and member of the Spartan Pro Team. Since starting her competitive career, she has competed in more than 45 races with 19 first place finishes under her belt.

Most notable was her spectacular 2017 Spartan season, taking 3rd at the World Championships. 

When she isn’t competing, she is co-owning a gym and working around the clock - coaching, training and encouraging others to pursue their physical goals. 

Hawley is always working towards her next goal, and knows it won’t come without putting in the hard work. 

“I have always used protein powder for recovery but I chose Ascent because of its quality. Putting things into my body that are clean is a priority and Ascent sets the bar for any protein I have ever had with it’s zero artificial ingredients or sweeteners. My favorite is the chocolate casein to have before bed!”

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