Tony Pollard

Tony Pollard

Known for his commitment to hard work and his persistent drive to improve, Tony Pollard is the perfect fit for Ascent and our “Official Sponsor of Hard Work” mantra.  He finished the 2022 season with over 1000 rushing yards and an invite to the Pro Bowl. Throughout his professional career, he has totaled 2,616 yards and an average of 5.74 yards per touch, ranking #3 in the league of non-quarterbacks with at least 500 touches. During his collegiate career, he was considered one of the best kickoff return specialists in college football. We are excited to now have him on our Ascent Athlete team!

Ascent Protein Tony Pollard

"I've been looking for a clean and delicious protein product that I can trust. Ascent Protein and their products have made a huge impact on my on-field success," says Tony Pollard. "Ascent provides my body with clean fuel to help me with muscle recovery after every workout and game. Their commitment to no artificial flavors or sweeteners gives me complete confidence in their products and I couldn't be more excited to announce this partnership to continue to work hard and recover right with Ascent Protein."

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