Micellar Casein While You Sleep

Work Hard While You Sleep with Micellar Casein

People training or working out at a high intensity level several times per week should optimally replenish protein throughout the entire 24-hour cycle of every single day. While individual needs can vary, people routinely engaging in high intensity workouts generally require 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight for muscle repair and recovery each and every day.[1] 

If you engage in high intensity training, it is beneficial to spread your protein consumption over multiple catch points throughout the day; e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. But a key part of the day often gets left out: the sleep cycle. Amazing but true: people lose more muscle during the seven to nine hours that they spend sleeping than at any other time during the day!

Though the best source for protein is, of course, whole food, it can be difficult for high intensity athletes to keep up with their body’s protein demands through typical meal planning. That’s where the two high-quality proteins found in milk come in. The first, whey protein, provides better nutritional support right after a workout because it is rapidly absorbed by your body, while the second, micellar casein, is your best bet at night because it provides a slow, sustained release of important amino acids throughout the night - perfect to help your body’s muscles repair themselves during that vital recovery period.[2]

As mentioned, we lose more muscle during our sleep cycle than at any other time. But sleep is also the best time to repair muscle [3], which is where Ascent® micellar casein can be useful. It helps balance muscle breakdown, which happens while your body heals during sleep, and encourages muscle protein synthesis. By taking micellar casein at bedtime, you are likely boosting important protein synthesis.

For the early morning workout crowd, the overnight repair supported by micellar casein can help them wake up feeling better prepared to hit their workouts hard!

Through our NativeFuel extraction process, Ascent micellar casein makes this valuable protein available to you in its least-processed form. With fewer ingredients, and zero artificial ones, Ascent sets a new benchmark for protein purity.

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