Ascent Recovery Water

A revolutionary new beverage that offers both high-quality protein and electrolytes

Recovery Water Consumer


Post-Workout Recovery Water

Recovery Water Consumer


Post-Workout Recovery Water

"I love Recovery Water because it’s so nice on the go and it makes me feel hydrated AND recovered. And the flavor profile is perfect. I have had some similar brands in the past that left terrible tastes in my mouth." 

-Alyssa Hawley

Spartan Pro Team Member

"I often do several workouts and multiple sports during the day, without really a chance to go home. With recovery water I can always make sure I recover during the sessions on the road; it’s easy to keep it in my car for whenever I need it, and it tastes so good it’s hard to stick to just one bottle per sport." 

-Rea Kolbl 

OCR Athlete & Spartan Pro Team Member