The Hardest Working Amino Acid

Whey protein is an extremely high-quality protein source. It’s highly digestible, absorbs rapidly into your system, contains all essential amino acids, and is naturally higher in the key branch chain amino acids compared to other proteins.

Among the branch chain amino acids, leucine plays a critical role. Leucine is the amino acid that triggers muscle protein synthesis (MPS). In other words, it provides the signal to “flip the switch” to turn on muscle repair and recovery in your body. Numerous studies and trials have shown the importance of leucine for stimulating MPS.

To activate this process, leucine concentrations need to reach a certain level in your system, commonly referred to as “the leucine threshold”1. Protein servings containing 2.0 to 2.5 grams of leucine have been shown to maximally stimulate MPS. This is one of the key advantages of Ascent Native Fuel™ whey protein. Because it’s such a high-quality protein source, it contains higher levels of naturally occurring leucine relative to other protein-rich foods. This enables maximum efficiency, with the protein packed into every scoop.

Ascent has formulated its per-scoop serving amount to deliver enough leucine to stimulate MPS. No more, no less. Without enough of this essential branch chain amino acid, your hard work goes to waste.

Ascent—your perfect last rep.