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Welcome to Ascent—The Official Sponsor of Hard Work™.

Ascent was created with a purpose in mind: to naturally improve athletic performance. Like you, we know shortcuts do not exist. On your path, there are no gimmicks — just Hard Work and the right nutrition.

Ascent is committed to using the best real food ingredients and is designed to improve muscle health and performance. The rest is up to you, and we believe your best is still ahead.

Ascent Native Fuel™ Whey Protein: Get the most out of your workout by making sure you’re giving your body what it needs, when it needs it. Ascent Native Fuel Whey delivers 25 grams of rapidly absorbing whey protein in every scoop & has zero artificial ingredients or flavors.

Ascent Native Fuel™ Micellar Casein Protein: Did you know the primary period for muscle loss is while you’re sleeping? When taken at night, Ascent Micellar Casein helps prevent muscle deterioration & promotes the body’s natural ability to repair & improve during sleep.