How Clean Is Your Protein?

You can’t trust just any protein brand. Ascent uses high quality protein, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, so you can trust what you put in your body is supporting your goals.

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zero artificial flavors & sweeteners

Support Your Muscle Health

Fuel Your fitness goals

post-workout recovery

delicious flavors you will love

clean products that work as hard as you do

Zero Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners
Backed by Science
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Minimal Ingredients



Unlike other companies, we know exactly what goes into our protein, from start to finish. When you opt for Ascent’s Native Whey & Plant-Based Protein Powders, you’re fueling your muscles with only clean, whole ingredients. Our protein is free of any artificial flavors or additives. Unlike most protein powders that taste chalky and fake, ours is made with real ingredients – packing amazing flavor whether mixed into your favorite recipe, with milk, or even just water.

“I’ll never go back to any other protein powder after having Ascent. It isn’t chalky, it blends amazingly well, and the flavor is seriously unmatched. I honestly look forward to having it, it’s that good. And the ingredients are so much cleaner than what you’d find in a traditional protein powder. I’m definitely a customer for life!”

— Josh F.

“Ascent protein has a great nutritional profile, clean ingredients, and great taste. It does exactly what a supplement should do, supplement protein intake without any of the extra stuff you find in other products.”

— Marcus S.

“I’ve tried several protein powders and none even come close to Ascent whey. The chocolate flavor tastes great and I feel good about the all natural ingredients being used.”

— Ashley

Available at 10,000 retail locations nationwide and your local gym

Post Workout Recovery

Plant Protein

A vegan, plant-based protein with great taste & a full amino acid profile to support muscle health

25g of Protein
4g BCAAs
0g of Added Sugar

Post Workout Recovery

Whey Protein

25g of clean, delicious, fast-digesting whey protein to help your muscles recover from intense workouts

25g of Protein
5.7g of BCAA's
0g of Added Sugar


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