For those that need a boost any time of day. The perfect combo to keep you energized, refreshed, and focused.

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Driven by hard work.

You can’t trust just any protein brand. Ascent uses high quality protein, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, so you can trust what you put in your body is supporting your goals.

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zero artificial flavors & sweeteners

Support Your Muscle Health

Fuel Your fitness goals

post-workout recovery

delicious flavors you will love


Hydration + Energy

Made for those who need the extra boost before a workout or anytime throughout the day. It's the perfect combo to keep you energized, refreshed, and focused.

400mg of Electrolytes
100mg of Caffeine
0 Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners

Post Workout Recovery

Whey Protein

25g of clean, delicious, fast-digesting whey protein to help your muscles recover from intense workouts

25g of Protein
5.5g of BCAA's
0g of Added Sugar

Post Workout Recovery

Plant Protein

A vegan, plant-based protein with great taste & a full amino acid profile to support muscle health

25g of Protein
4g BCAAs
0g of Added Sugar

Strength Support

Clean Creatine

Build strength, endurance, and lean muscle mass with this workout essential when combined with a workout regimen. Sourced exclusively from Creapure® and third-party tested

5g Per Serving
Gluten Free Certified


Iced Coffee with Protein

Start your morning routine with an iced coffee that is high in protein, helping you stay focused on achieving your goals while meeting your daily protein needs

20g Protein
0g Added Sugar
100mg Caffeine

clean products that work as hard as you do

Zero Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners
Backed by Science
3rd Party Tested
Minimal Ingredients


“Best protein powder I’ve tried! I’ve tried so many brands from Optimum Nutrition, Ghost, Podium, 1st Phorm, Earth Fed Muscle and more. This is by far the best tasting chocolate I’ve had. Give it a try! They have sample packets so you can test before you go for the full package. Now I order the big bag with 54 servings every time! ❤”

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— Sydney

“Best protein powder out there! Our doctor told my husband to have more protein in his diet. His friend recommended us Ascent. We have tried Vanilla Bean and Chocolate so far and they are a HIT! Never chalky, always creamy, delicious just with water and lately we add in a small spoonful of milk/h&h/heavy cream just to make it even silkier. Works great with our blender bottles or in a smoothie, or mixed in with yogurt. We look forward to trying all the flavors there are! Hoping for a strawberry at some point, or berry-flavored. And mint chocolate! You can't beat the quality. It definitely is worth subscribing to.”

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— Emma S.

“It’s not easy to find a great (clean) protein powder at a decent price. I found Ascent at the grocery store when I was in search of a quality protein powder. I loved it after my first bag and discovered the website where I am now a frequent customer! I use the vanilla powder every weekday in my shakes and I’ve made delicious pumpkin pancakes from the powder too! Delicious! Your protein powder is now a staple in my life.”

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— Katie

“The BEST protein powder! This protein powder has been my go-to choice for over a year now and I haven’t tasted anything better. The powder blends incredibly, whether it’s in a shake, smoothie, oatmeal, you name it. The flavors are amazing and it’s great to be able to trust what you’re drinking doesn’t have a lot of additives. You won’t regret trying it!”

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— Ashley W.



Unlike other protein powder brands, we know exactly what goes into our protein. Most protein powders that taste chalky and fake, ours is made with clean, whole ingredients and are free of chemicals or additives. 

Available at 10,000 retail locations nationwide and your local gym

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