About Ascent Protein

Ascent was created with one vision in mind – to naturally improve your athletic performance.

We are based in Denver, CO and are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience making protein.

When we introduced Ascent, we knew the world didn’t need just another protein that promised gimmicks and quick fixes. Instead, we know that results require the right nutrition with clean ingredients. All Ascent products are created with the goal of providing cleaner, better products for you to support your training goals.

We know the world doesn’t need just another protein. That is why we use:
  • Zero artificial flavors and sweeteners
  • Ingredients you can pronounce, sourced from real food
  • Ingredients that work and are supported by our board of PhD advisors
  • Informed Sport Certified, meaning they are third party tested for banned substances

Like you, we know shortcuts do not exist. On your path there are no gimmicks – just Hard Work and the right nutrition. You want the best real food ingredients you can get your hands on, and the rest is up to you.