CJ Cummings

CJ Cummings

CJ Cummings is one of the top weightlifters in the world and is no stranger to hard work. Today, CJ currently holds 32 American Records, 9 Pan-American Records, and 4 World Records.

Success in weightlifting started early for CJ. At age 11 he became the youngest lifter to complete a clean and jerk of twice his body weight. Since then CJ has gone on to win 4 Junior World Championships, the 2019 Pan American Championship and the Junior Pan-American Championship. 

CJ competed at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. We are excited to see all that he accomplishes in the future as an athlete for Team Ascent! Follow CJ on Instagram: @cj__cummings

“Ascent Protein allows me to stay focused and recover strong. In weightlifting, it is important to prioritize post-workout recovery. Ascent not only tastes great but provides my body with a clean fuel to help me recover after every lift.”

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