Ascent Launches Recovery Water, its First-Ever Ready-to-Drink Protein Beverage

Ascent Launches Recovery Water, its First-Ever Ready-to-Drink Protein Beverage

DENVER, Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascent®, one of America's fastest growing sports nutrition companies, announced the launch of Recovery Water, a revolutionary water-based beverage that pairs high-quality protein with electrolytes to help athletes optimally recover post-workout.  Made using Ascent's proprietary native whey protein formulation process, it combines both form and function to deliver muscle recovery and hydration.

Ascent Recovery Water contains 20g of fast-digesting native whey protein and 2.5 grams of naturally occurring Leucine to trigger muscle protein synthesis. It contains 100 calories and zero artificial ingredients. Consistent with the high-quality of the entire Ascent product line, Recovery Water is gluten-free, soy free, rBST/rBGH Free and Informed Choice Certified, meaning Ascent is third-party tested for banned substances.

"This is a big day for our Ascent family across the country," said Paul Vraciu, general manager of Ascent Protein. "Four years ago, we began this brand with a simple but powerful promise to deliver purer and cleaner protein to the market. We started with three flavors of our Native Fuel® whey protein, and, thanks to the support and passion of our customer-athletes across America, we've grown into an exciting portfolio of products that help athletes improve their performance without artificial ingredients. And now, Recovery Water represents the most transformative and innovative addition to that lineup in our brand's history. Recovery is an essential part of the training process, and we believe this product has all the ingredients that matter – taste and form, 100 calories and high protein – and none that don't."

Ascent Recovery Water was created to support athletes in the crucial recovery time after a workout. Recent research findings suggest that how you recover after a workout is just as important as the time you spend in the gym. According to the American Council on Exercise, recovery from exercise and competition is a vital component of the overall exercise training paradigm, and "paramount for high-level performance and continued improvement."

Failing to properly recover after workouts can lead to overtraining, which can impede performance and result in illness and injury. While the recovery process varies athlete to athlete, protein-driven muscle repair is an integral step in the recovery process.

The full line of Ascent products helps athletes optimize their performance before, during and after workouts with clean protein. While Ascent Recovery Water is meant for post-workout, it pairs with Ascent Pre-Workout, which boosts energy and hydration levels prior to a workout. Ascent Protein is trusted by some of the world's most dominant athletes, including All Pro running back, Christian McCaffrey, 2x Fittest Woman on Earth and CrossFit athlete, Katrin Davidsdottir, and USA Weightlifting.

"We were delighted to hear about Ascent's new ready-to-drink products," said Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Weightlifting. "Recovery Water will be a great help to us for quick, on-the-go protein during our national team events and camps, and it will be a significant help to our team as we prepare for competition this year, including for Tokyo 2020."

Ascent is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leprino Foods, a family-owned private company that grew from a corner Italian grocery store in Denver, Colorado to the world's largest manufacturer of mozzarella cheese. Leprino is also the top producer of whey protein in the United States. The company leveraged its seventy years of technical experience to develop native whey protein filtered naturally from the source, resulting in a nutritionally superior protein in its purest form, with 17% higher leucine. Leucine - one of the three branched chain amino acids – has been proven to help increase muscle growth and lean body mass.

Ascent Recovery Water is available now in Watermelon and Pineapple Coconut flavors at,, and, with expanded national distribution this spring at Kroger and Albertson's.

*Originally published on PR Newswire