Ascent Plant Protein Now Available at Natural Grocers

Ascent Plant Protein Now Available at Natural Grocers

DENVER, May 4, 2022 – Ascent Protein, a sports nutrition company committed to offering clean products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts is excited to announce that their new Plant Protein is now available at all Natural Grocers locations in the U.S.

“Like Natural Grocers, Ascent is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality organic ingredients that taste great,” Josh Haskins, Director of Sales for Ascent, said. “We are thrilled about this partnership with Natural Grocers and to continue a shared legacy of health and wellness.” “Hard-working athletes looking for an organic plant-based protein to support their nutritional goals will no longer need to compromise on taste or performance. Ascent Plant Protein has both in two delicious flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla Bean,” Haskins added.

Ascent's Plant Protein offers 25 grams of protein per scoop and is made from a unique blend of three organic plant protein sources – pea, sunflower and pumpkin. Knowing that consumers often must make a choice between efficacy or taste, Ascent Plant Protein was created to taste delicious while still offering 4g of BCAAs to support muscle health throughout the day and after a workout. In addition, Ascent plant protein contains zero artificial ingredients and is Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, and Informed Sport Certified (third party tested for banned substances). Ascent Plant Protein is also soy free, dairy-free, vegan and contains no added sugars.

Ascent Protein is trusted by some of the world's most prominent elite athletes, including professional running backs Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Taylor, 2x CrossFit Games Champion Katrin Davidsdottir, and Team USA Weightlifting athletes CJ Cummings and Jourdan Delacruz.


About Ascent Protein

Ascent® was created to naturally improve athletic performance and is The Official Sponsor of Hard Work®. Ascent launched in 2016 and has continued to bring innovative products to the market, while remaining committed to their high-quality standards and offering products with straight-forward ingredients and nothing artificial. All Ascent products contain zero artificial ingredients and are Certified Gluten Free, and Informed Choice Certified meaning they are third party tested for banned substances. Aligning with the admirable qualities in the athletes that Ascent serves - going the extra mile, completing an extra set and never backing down from a challenge, Ascent pushes for high-quality results, knowing they do not come without hard work. For more information, visit

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