Ascent Protein Launched Today as the Official Performance Nutrition of Spartan Race

Ascent Protein Launched Today as the Official Performance Nutrition of Spartan Race

DENVER, May 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As obstacle racing and competitive sports continue to grow globally at an extraordinary rate, its athletes aspire to find ways to be faster, stronger and healthier. To support these athletes' goals, Ascent™ Protein, launched today as the Official Sponsor of Hard Work™. It also announced it is the Official Performance Nutrition sponsor of Spartan Race through May 2017.

The first Ascent-sponsored race was held on May 14, 2016, in Fort Carson, CO with the second closely following on June 4, 2016 in Monterey, CA. As part of the sponsorship, Ascent will sample its protein and identify and reward hard working athletes at 22 select Spartan Race events with free protein samples and merchandise.

Ascent Native Fuel™ whey protein powder blend is made with native whey, the least processed dairy protein available on the market today. Native whey contains naturally higher levels of Leucine, a key amino acid in the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis – the process for muscle repair and recovery. Competitive Spartan Race athletes strive to increase strength, speed and stamina and this requires workouts that constantly break down muscle tissue. Starting the recovery process within 30 minutes of working out is essential to ensure athletes are getting the most out of training.

Like the athletes it works to serve, Ascent is dedicated to not taking short cuts and aims to set a new benchmark in protein purity. Based in Denver and family owned, Ascent's parent company, Leprino Foods, has 30 years of experience producing high quality proteins from milk. By making its own protein and not using any artificial ingredients, Ascent has created the next breakthrough in whey protein – Native Fuel™. 

"Promoting sound nutrition in our racers is core to Spartan Race's values as a trusted health and wellness platform. In our continued mission to promote a healthy lifestyle, we are excited to announce our partnership with Ascent, a company that embraces our values, and to introduce the Spartan community to Native Fuel™," said Kenneth Koleyni Executive Vice President of Strategic Development of Spartan Race.

"Ascent believes in hard work and not taking the easy way out – that's why we're excited to partner with Spartan – it's a huge vote of confidence that they chose us as their official performance nutrition sponsor," said Ascent Protein's Marketing Director Mike Arnold. "We have to set the highest possible bar for protein purity. These athletes hold themselves to an incredible standard. We have to meet and beat that standard for Ascent to be a part of their daily nutritional plan."

Robert Killian, current Spartan Race World Champion, is an official sponsored athlete for Ascent. "Keeping my body at an elite level of fitness requires not only extreme workouts but smart, wholesome eating. I've tried a variety of real food and complementary protein powders, but none have compared to Ascent. In my training as a Green Beret in the Colorado Army National Guard, and for competitions like Spartan Race, having a precise nutrition plan is indispensable. I have to keep my body fueled up for training. Ascent helps me dig deeper and really get after it and then recover, which is imperative for tomorrow's workout."

About Ascent Protein

Ascent Native Fuel™ aims to set a new benchmark in protein purity and is The Official Sponsor of Hard Work™. Drawing from 30 years of experience making protein, Ascent only uses milk from trusted dairy farmers and filters the proteins in its own facilities. Ascent uses zero artificial ingredients and avoids harmful steps such as "bleaching." Aligning with the admirable qualities in the athletes that Ascent serves -- going that extra mile, completing an extra set and never backing down from a challenge – Ascent pushes for high-quality results knowing they do not come without hard work. For more information, visit

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