Ascent Protein Releases Customer Favorite: Strawberry Whey Flavor

Ascent Protein Releases Customer Favorite: Strawberry Whey Flavor

With the warmer temperatures of summer just around the corner, Ascent Protein, one of America’s fastest growing sports nutrition companies, is bringing back its clean and refreshing Strawberry Native Fuel Whey Protein for a limited time only. Ascent’s Strawberry Whey Protein is a deliciously fresh way to get 25 grams of protein after a workout, or throughout the day.

“Athletes are the driving force behind everything we do at Ascent Protein, and we are constantly asking them for feedback. For the third year in a row, our athletes requested the return of Strawberry Whey,” Josh Haskins, Director of Sales at Ascent Protein, said. He noted that just like Ascent Protein’s other flavors -- Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Bean, Lemon Sorbet and Unflavored – Strawberry Native Fuel Whey is a clean, pure protein that contains zero artificial ingredients or flavors, has 25g of protein and is Certified Gluten Free.

Strawberry Whey can be found for a limited time online at, and and a select number of gyms nationwide, while supplies last.

Since launching in 2016, Ascent has quickly become one of America’s fastest growing sports nutrition companies with their line of clean products. Consumers continue to praise Ascent’s products as it is one of the top-rated whey proteins on Amazon. Ascent Protein is trusted by some of the world's most prominent elite athletes, including professional running backs Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Taylor, 2x CrossFit Games Champion Katrin Davidsdottir, and Team USA Weightlifting athletes CJ Cummings and Jourdan Delacruz. 

Ascent Native Fuel is made with native whey, the least processed whey protein available. The company is continually innovating and using customer and retailer feedback to deliver some of the cleanest protein products on the market. In addition to its Native Whey products, Ascent recently launched a delicious plant-based protein formula that offers 25g of clean protein and nothing artificial. It also offers a ready to drink beverage, Recovery Water, as well as a pre-workout powder to energize your workouts.

Originally Published on Cision PRWeb