5 Easy Ways To Add Protein Into Your Diet In 2022
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5 Easy Ways To Add Protein Into Your Diet In 2022

Looking for ways to increase the amount of protein you consume in a day? 

As you kick off your 2022 fitness goals, make sure you are taking into consideration the macros necessary to support proper health and nutrition. Increasing your intake is often times recommended when looking to increase your physical fitness.

But how can you do this? 

Check out our top ways to increase protein within your diet in 2022!

1. Space your protein out throughout the day

You might have been told in order to increase your protein intake you just need to increase how much protein you have in a sitting. False. The best approach is to space your protein intake throughout the day. 

Start with 3 meals a day and create protein-filled snacks in between. 

Why do this? Spacing out your protein allows your body to stay in a constant state of muscle protein synthesis. 

Spacing your protein intake

 2. Focus on protein-rich foods

It's easy to lose focus on which foods will provide you with the most protein-filled benefits as you're going about your busy day. 

Below is a list of foods to incorporate into your diet that are packed with protein!

  • Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Chicken
  • Whey-based products 
  • Greek yogurt
  • Broccoli
  • Salmon
  • Quinoa
  • Lentils 
  • Avocados 

3. Start your day off with a protein-filled meal

Between starting your morning coffee and running out the door, protein is often missed in the morning. 

Incorporating protein into your morning routine is a great way to increase your daily intake. 

We recommend incorporating protein easily into a morning smoothie! We have several recipes you can try on our blog! 

4. Make protein the last thing you eat at night

Similar to starting your day with protein, you should end each day with it as well!

Creating a protein-filled pudding as an evening snack is a great way to finish off your day. We recommend trying our micellar casein in a pudding tog et an extra 25g of protein. 

If you aren't familiar with night time recovery, or muscle protein synthesis, we recommend watching the video below. 

5. Take Ascent Protein post-workout

It might sound obvious, but finishing each workout with protein is critical for reaching your fitness and health goals. Taking protein after a workout allows your body to refuel and maximizes the potential for your body to use the protein towards muscle health and recovery. 

As always, Ascent is here to help! Our products of whey and plant-based proteins will help you reach your protein intake goals this year!