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Hydration is the buzzword of the moment; everywhere you look, someone's carrying an extra-large water bottle. And while we're all for this wellness movement, when you're pushing your limits, you're going to sweat, and plain water isn't always enough to help you rehydrate post-workout.

Preparing for an intense workout requires more than sheer motivation and grit (though we know you've got plenty of that!). That's where our latest innovation steps in: Clean Hydration + Energy. This isn't your average electrolyte powder, it's a meticulously crafted blend of electrolytes and caffeine, scientifically formulated to support your performance and leave you feeling refreshed.

So, what does it take to create one of the best hydration powders? Let's dive into the science behind electrolytes and caffeine, and how they can elevate your fitness game.


Before we delve into the benefits of electrolytes, let's rewind the clock a bit - to the days of high school chemistry. Electrolytes, those unsung heroes of hydration, are essential minerals that spring into action when in contact with water. Picture them as the body's conductors, facilitating a subtle, yet crucial, electric current that powers numerous bodily processes. Among these minerals, sodium and potassium take center stage, particularly during high-intensity workouts when we sweat them out the most. Hence, replenishing these elctrolytes with a hydration drink before, during, or after exercise is crucial.


While electrolytes may seem like the latest health trend, their significance spans well beyond Instagram feeds and supermarket aisles. They've been mainstays in the medical field for over a century, with IV fluids in hospitals boasting the precise blend of these vital minerals. Even the World Health Organization champions electrolytes through their oral rehydration solution. But the average person doesn't need an IV to top up their electrolyte levels. In reality, proteins found in our small intestine help us absorb sodium and other minerals at a faster rate, making electrolyte powders the best drink for hydration.

But why electrolytes?


Is Potassium an Electrolyte?

Potassium plays a crucial role in cell function. It acts as a catalyst, helping to transport nutrients into cells and remove waste prodcuts from them. Think of it as the preferred fuel for cells, essential for their optimal performance.1,2

Do Electrolytes Hydrate You?

When you sweat, your body loses the electrolytes potassium and sodium at a rapid rate. Simply drinking plain water may not suffice, as it lacks essential minerals. By combining potassium and sodium with glucose, you can enhance hydration levels even further, ensuring your body functions as it should.1

What Causes Electrolyte Imbalance?

Electrolytes are instrumental in maintaining the delicate balance of fluids both inside and outside of your cells. This equilibrium is vital for ensuraing that metabolic processes can operate smoothly.2

Is Sodium an Electrolyte?

Sodium is a key player in keeping your muscles and nerves firing on all cylinders. It's what keeps them running smoothly, allowing for optimal performance during physical activity.6,7

Do Electrolytes Give You Energy?

While electrolytes may not act as stimulants like caffeine, they serve as the powerhouse behind energy production in cells, nerves, and muscles. They provide a stable source of vitality, ensuring you feel energized and capable. When you're dehydrated, this energy source becomes depleted, leading to feelings of fatigue and weakness.1,2,6,7


The best electrolyte powders boost hydration with the right blend of minerals and sugar, but there are benefits to adding caffeine, especially before a workout. Studies on endurance athletes have shown that caffeine can enhance physical performance and cognitive function. This is why we've included coffee fruit extract into our new Clean Hydration + Energy pre-workout powder to ensure that you get the right balance of electrolytes and caffeine.3

Beyond helping you wake up for your early morning workout, here's why caffeine kicks it up a notch:

  1. Sharper Focus: When concentration plays a major role in your sport, studies show that 100mg of caffeine improves cognitive function and response time.3,5
  2. Sustained Energy Boost: Caffeine isn't just a quick pick-me-up; it's the fuel you need to power through that extra mile.4 Extensive research demonstrates that endurance athletes who incorporate caffeine into their regimen experience notable improvements in physical performance.30


Hydration powders play a vital role in replenishing mineral stores. When you combine them with 2 grams of sugar to enhance absorption and a boost of caffeine for added energy, you're left with one of the best pre-workout and electrolyte powders on the market.


Ascent's new Clean Hydration + Energy powder, seamlessly combines electrolytes and energy for use as a pre-workout powder or an afternoon pick-me-up, ensuring you're fueled and focused whenever you need it.

  • Hydrates better than water: Our blend of 400mg of electrolytes ensures that you are hydrated during your workout and feel your best throughout the day. You'll replenish the minerals you lose breaking a sweat with a research-backed combination of:
      • 250mg of sodium from sea salt and sodium citrate
      • 150mg of potassium from potassium citrate
  • The ideal dose of energy: With 100mg of caffeine naturally occurring from Coffeeberry Energy®, expect sustained energy and focus for your workout or whenever you need it throughout the day.
  • Performance-driven formula: Our unique electrolyte powder was designed to enhance both hydration and energy levels, making it essential for those who demand peak performance. Through research, we've determined that maintaining an optimum ratio of sodium to glucose, with precisely 2g of added sugar, significantly enhances electrolyte absorption and ensures optimum hydration.
  • Clean ingredients, always: Vegan and free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, soy, gluten, sucralose, and not derived from GMO sources, our formula aligns with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Ascent Clean Hydration + Energy is your trusty companion. Simply add water, shake, and conquer!

Elevate your hydration game with Ascent Clean Hydration + Energy. Fuel your body, crush your goals, and conquer every workout with ease.


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