How To Recover Post-Workout
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How To Recover Post-Workout

Filling your body with the right nutrients after a workout is key to your muscles re-building and recovering properly. A simple protein shake after your workout can help jump start that process.

How Should I Recovery Post-Workout?

After a workout, your body is in an anabolic state, where your muscles begin to act like sponges. Consuming a protein shake within 30-40 minutes of finishing your workout, immediately provides the muscles with key nutrients that will jump start the re-build and recovery phase.

Proteins, whether they are Whey or Plant based, contain high amounts of protein with very few calories, and are filled with Branched Chain Amino Acids that contribute to re-building and recovery. Of those Branch Chain Amino Acids, Leucine, is the most important because it triggers Muscle Protein Synthesis. In Ascent Whey Protein, you receive 25 grams of fast digesting high quality protein, containing 5.5g of BCAA’s, and most importantly 2.6g of Leucine to active your muscle rebuild and recovery.

What Is Leucine?

Leucine is the chief of amino acids for muscle building and recovery. So, why is that? Once Leucine enters your bloodstream it has immediate access into the cell membrane, because of that it is very easy for Leucine to then enter your muscle and get to work.

Once Leucine enters the muscle, its go time. Leucine jump starts the muscle rebuild and recovery process by starting Muscle Protein Synthesis. To Activate MPS, >1.7grams of Leucine is required.

What Is Muscle Protein Synthesis?

Muscle Protein Synthesis is a process in which your body produces protein to repair the muscle damaged caused during a workout. By consuming a protein shake 30-40 minutes after your workout, the amino acids, specifically leucine, start working to help repair and grow the muscles that were broken down throughout your workout.


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