Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor

We believe in hard work. And so does star professional running back, Jonathan Taylor. From his work ethic to his accomplishments, Taylor is the definition of hard work, and a perfect fit for the Ascent Athlete Team.

Taylor had an illustrious college career, finishing as the sixth all-time leading rusher and the first player in history to rush for more than 6,000 yards in a three-year span.

Drafted in 2020, he instantly became a star player at the next level, leading pro football in rushing yards and touchdowns in 2021.

With a long career ahead of him, the Ascent team is excited to see what he can accomplish!

Follow @jayt23 on Instagram for his latest accomplishments. 

My training regimen and recovery is extremely important to me. I’ve been using Ascent Protein products since I turned pro and it’s made a huge impact on my on-field success. Ascent not only tastes great, but provides my body with a clean fuel to help me recover after every workout / game.

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